We provide digital solutions for cultural initiatives.

Mamoulian is a creative studio based in Barcelona. We work with museums, concert halls, festivals, film companies, heritage, art galleries and all kinds of cultural organizations.

Ana Luisa Basso + Felipe Becker
Arts&Culture + Innovation

Mamoulian is led by the dynamic duo of Ana Luisa Basso and Felipe Becker. Ana is specialized in communication for the arts and culture and Felipe is a user experience specialist with 15 years' experience in digital projects.


"Superb graphic design and web solutions consultant. The results have always exceeded expectations."

Edward Dallal, Development Producer, Spring Films

"The team behind Unique Visitors looked at how cultural consumption is changing, specifically at how pop culture is shaping trends across the whole cultural spectrum."

Native, the magazine from the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts

"Ana and Felipe have a clear vision of their opportunity and how to bring it to value. They are a talented, focused and committed team who will for sure take Unique Visitors to a successful future."

Fede de Gispert, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Lecturer at ESADE Business School

"I was gifted to collaborate with Mamoulian in a common project for a few months. They just excel at anything they do. Besides, the Unique Visitors concept is truly a game changer for museums... so fasten your seatbelts :)"

Oriol Tort Agell, CEO of Counterest


Apps&Cultura: Best app by popular vote / Apps&Cultura: Most innovative app / ARP Web designer of the year (3 times winner) / Abril Advertising Award – Premio Abril de Publicidade (nominee) / Abril Editorial Award (twice nominee)

Press features

La Vanguardia / Barcelona TV / Canal 33/ El Periódico de Catalunya / Native: the magazine from the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts

Book inclusions

La televisión ante el desafío de internet / Performing Arts Audiences