Unique Visitors

Design, App development, Web development

Unique Visitors was created from Mamoulian’s pursuit of bringing innovation to the Arts and Culture. It’s a platform that wants to disrupt the way we visit museums.

Unique Visitors uses social recommendations to improve the experience of visiting a museum. And how do we do that? We generate personal tours for visiting the museum, preventing fomo and also creating digital engagement.

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We are very proud to say this project has received amazing awards and has an extensive press coverage so far. We recently went to England to speak at Museum Next, Europe’s largest conference on innovation and technology in museums.

Besides Unique Visitors, the conference also featured digital projects from museums such as Tate, MoMA, Van Gogh or the British Museum. It is an honor to be in such a select group!

Unique Visitors - MuseumNext
Unique Visitors - MuseumNext programme
Unique Visitors - MuseumNext presentation
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